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      • Age: 65
      • From: United States
      • State: Texas
      • City: Houston
      • Zodiac: Scorpio (Oct 24 - Nov 22)
      • Height: 6' 2''
      • Weight: 200 lbs
      • Body Type:
      • Hair Color: Black
      • Eye Color: Brown
      • Looking for: Business Partner
      • Political Views:
      • Pets:
      • Sex: Male
      • Preference: Straight
      • Marital Status: Divorced
      • Smokes: No
      • Drinks: Occasionally
      • Occupation:
      • Children: Have Now (Grown and Moved Out)
      • Ethnicity: Jamaican
      • Religion: Prefer Not To Say
      • Language:
      • Education: Some College
      • Sports and exercise:
      • Date Joined: 2/1/2009 3:43:35 AM
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    • The new market place is the internet, but how dose one make money online?. I have try many online business, but this one make me the most money and I know that it will make you mony too if you only try it. First I want a money making system that anyone can do, it is not control by anyone and can be done Worldwide. So, I put the Jamaican Partner with online marketing and come up with a money making system that will make $5,000.00 + to every body who try it. The Jamaican Partnership work like this, a person go to this friends and ask them if thay want to join a partner?. If the friends say yes, he will tell them the amount ($200.00 per hand) to join and when it will start (on a saturday). His friends will agrees and one at a time will tell him when thay want thay draw (one say I want first draw, another will say I want 2nd draw and another will say I want 3nd and so on untill everybody say when thay want thay draw. Each friend will give the person who start the partner (the banker) $200.00. If 20 people join the partner, then the total amount the banker collect is $4,000.00. The banker will take $200.00 (one hand)for himsel and give the 1st drawer $3,800.00. The next saturday the bank will do the same untill all the partner get thay draw of $3,800.00. The banker get $4,000.00 for running the partnership. If someone don't have the $200 to pay one saturday,the banker will pay it and collect it next saturday. Some people join partner to get a lum sum of money to start a business, buy clothing, down payment on house, buy a car and much, much more. I come bine the Jamaican Partner, online marketing and a product and come up with the money making system. To run this money making system legally in the USA I must sell a legal product. the product is e-report, I write it and put it in this system.(1) Goals and Physcial Movement.(2) Start your online business.(3) Record keeping and Tax.(4) The online marketer.(5) Puting your business on auto-polit. You should only buy one e-report for $1.00 from each marketer, that is all 5 e-reports. Step (1) Go to www.yahoo.com and get a new email, (sample:marketer7xxx@yahoo.com) Step (2) Put the new email on this money making system at number 1 and move down the other email and take off number 5 email. Step (3) Send out 1000 email of the money making system to everybody you know. Step (4) Send a email to the marketer in this money making system to sell you a e-report for $1.00. Step (5) Your $1.00 payment for the e-report should be send by mail to the marketer address. $$$(1) marketer7000@yahoo.com $$$(2) marketer5000@yahoo.com.$$$ (3)marketer7200@yahoo.com. $$$(4)marketer9500@yahoo.com. %%%(5)marketer7452@yahoo.com. This money making system will make you $5,000.00 +working online. Send me a email for a better written money making system. (marketer7000@yahoo.com), if you only try it. Now is your time, It is your move, so make your move now.

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